The John Randolph Medical Center
Award for Nurse Educators


The John Randolph Medical Center Award for Nurse Educators was established with a generous gift from John Randolph Medical Center to John Randolph Foundation in October 2005. The surprise announcement was made by E. Bernard Boone, III, CEO of John Randolph Medical Center, at the foundation’s tenth anniversary celebration. This innovative program supports those experienced nurses “who are interested in training others in their profession but are challenged by the salary discrepancy between an educational and a clinical setting.”

Annually, two outstanding nurse educators will be recognized -- one teaching on the high school and one on the college level. They will each receive a monetary award of $2,500, encouraging them to continue training others in their much needed profession.

Application Guidelines


John Randolph Medical Center (JRMC) created the “John Randolph Medical Center Award for Nurse Educators” in 2005, to be administered by John Randolph Foundation. The purpose of this award is to annually recognize outstanding nurse educators teaching on the high school or college level, and to encourage experienced nurses to consider training others in their profession. The recipient shall receive a monetary award of $2,500.

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Eligible candidates for the John Randolph Medical Center Award for Nurse Educators must be Registered Nurses teaching nursing and/or health occupation courses at high schools or colleges located in John Randolph Foundation’s service area 1 or affiliated with a school located in John Randolph Foundation’s service area 2.

The annual award is made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability. Neither nurse educators retiring from the profession at the end of the school year nor John Randolph Foundation trustees, employees and their immediate families (parents, spouses, siblings) are eligible for the award.

1John Randolph Foundation’s service area is comprised of the following localities: Hopewell, Prince George, Chesterfield (South of 288 & East of Ironbridge Road), Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Fort Lee, Dinwiddie, Surry, Sussex, Charles City, and the Varina area of Southeast Henrico.
2For example, John Tyler Community College is located within John Randolph Foundation’s service area; therefore, candidates teaching at the Midlothian campus would be eligible to apply.


Each candidate applying for the John Randolph Medical Center Award for Nurse Educators must submit the information requested below:

  1. Basic Data Sheet. You and your immediate supervisor are required to sign this form.
  2. Professional Development. In outline form, list
    • colleges and universities attended, including post-graduate studies, indicating degrees earned and dates of attendance;
    • nursing employment history indicating dates of employment;
    • teaching employment history, indicating grade level and subject area;
    • professional association memberships, including information regarding offices held and other relevant activities; and
    • awards and other recognition of your outstanding nursing and/or teaching.
  3. Extra-Curricular Activities and Community Involvement. Describe your extracurricular activities and any service-oriented activities such as volunteer work, civic and other group activities.
  4. Professional Biography. In this narrative describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching; what factors influenced you to become a nurse educator, and what you consider to be your greatest contributions and accomplishments in education.
  5. Letter of Support. Include a letter of support from one of the following: superintendent, principal, colleague, student, student’s parent or civic leader. An effective letter of support would contain evidence of personal knowledge of the teacher and an indication of the qualities that would qualify the teacher to receive the award. The letter of support should be addressed to:
      John Randolph Foundation
      Attn: JRMC Nurse Educator Award
      P.O. Box 1606
      Hopewell, VA 23860

Please send the application and attachments to John Randolph Foundation by 4:00 p.m. on or before April 30. Return to Top

If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday, then it is due the next business day by 4:00 p.m. Direct any questions to the foundation Office at the above address or call 804-458-2239.

The John Randolph Foundation Selection Committee reserves the right to interview candidates in the final stages of selection.

The decision of the selection committee in all matters regarding the John Randolph Medical Center Award for Nurse Educators is final. Canvassing any John Randolph Foundation trustee or employee shall result in immediate disqualification.

John Randolph Foundation respects the privacy of scholarship applicants. Any personal or financial information will be used for the purpose of assessing the scholarship application and will be made available solely to the foundation's trustees and staff. We make every effort to maintain your confidentiality.

John Randolph Foundation is an equal opportunity organization.

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