Judy Gordon Memorial Scholarship


To promote continuing education by awarding scholarships for any course of study at institutions of higher education to individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, financial need and desire. These institutions may include technical colleges, community colleges, and four-year colleges/universities.


One PGHS alumna's recollection of Judy Gordon:

Ms. Judy Gordon (and she would have been sure to tell you that she was, in fact, MS. Judy Gordon, because she hadn't "MISS"ed anything). Ms. Gordon taught history. More specifically, when I was a student, she taught honors and AP U.S History, and she was an honest-to-goodness legend. I heard about Ms. Gordon when I was still in Junior High School, and while I was certainly intimidated by and perhaps a little afraid of her reputation, I knew I had to take her class. That was absolutely the best decision of my academic career. To date (and I am including not only my undergraduate work at William and Mary, but also my graduate classes), that is the most difficult course I have ever taken; and it is also the best and most rewarding. I still have my 4 binders full of AP History notes, handouts, and blessed outlines over which I bled every night; I bet I could get serious money for those things from some desperate APUSH kids, but I could never trade or discard them as they represent so much of my life from that year. And while it was appropriate to be rather in awe of Ms. Gordon and to fear the consequences of not doing whatever she asked (I remember wondering how in the world a particular student could be so absolutely daft as to come back from lunch late and then to interrupt Ms. Gordon by flipping loudly through her notebook to the correct place in her outline; I would sooner have slammed my own head in a locker and lay passed out in the hall for the entire period than have to endure Ms. Gordon's ire over having class interrupted for tardiness or some other trifle), it was evident that her incredibly high standards grew naturally out of the passion she had not only for history, but for teaching. I have rarely encountered an educator who cared quite as much about her students and how they were or were not impacted by what she did, said, and taught. I will never, ever forget her telling us later that before the AP exam, she went home and cried over the fact that she might not have prepared us as thoroughly as she should have.

I have never been so humbled in my life. This woman, who spent almost every waking hour grading papers and refining her lessons and retyping (yes, on dittos on a typewriter!) her handouts for us, while some of us tried some days to put off our work until lunchtime, right before her class, was worried that SHE hadn't done enough to prepare US??? WHAT??? I will openly share that I earned a 5 on that exam, because I KNOW I am not really the one responsible for that score; Judy Gordon is. She inspired us to want nothing less than our best (and I would have been ashamed to show her less!).

I could share so much more - from the way she exuded class, to her intelligence, to the way she so quirkily epitomized both staunch feminism and Southern gentility (think Dixie Carter on "Designing Women"), to her acerbic wit, to her incredible strength and grace in fighting cancer while continuing to do what she loved, to countless other recollections and anecdotes - but I know I've prayed your patience for too long. Please forgive me if this has come across as maudlin; if it has, I have done a serious disservice to her memory. I simply wanted you to know that this is not a scholarship named for some wealthy, long-dead, vaguely important, but highly influential doctor or lawyer or politician (not that those can't be worthy causes as well . . .); this is for one of our own - one more like whom we should all strive to be.


This $1,000 scholarship is available to seniors attending Prince George High School. Student interns working for John Randolph Foundation are eligible to apply; however, foundation trustees, other foundation employees and their immediate families (parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, and anyone claimed as a dependent for tax purposes) are not eligible to apply.

Scholarship Applicants Must

  1. Express an interest in attending college as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student (at least 6 hours per semester);
  2. Submit a completed “John Randolph Foundation Scholarship Application” ONLINE to include the required documents which must be uploaded with the application;
  3. Demonstrate financial need; and
  4. Must have a G.P.A of 3.0 or better

Criteria Scoring

  • (5 Points) Letters of Recommendation
  • (10 Points)Financial Need
  • (10 Points)Academics
  • (5 Points) Extracurricular Activities
  • (10 Points)Statement & Essay


The scholarship amount is $1,000 and will be paid directly to the school for current year tuition, fees, books purchased through the institution attended, and on-campus dormitory and meal plan expenses. The scholarship committee will review and evaluate all applications and announce awards each spring. The committee will also review and revise the scholarship policy and criteria as necessary.

Required Documents

All required documents must be uploaded with the application. Any mailed or hand-delivered documents will not be accepted.

  • Academic Transcript(s) (High School or College whichever applies.)
  • SAT Scores or Relevant Test Scores (GRE's, ACT, MCATS, etc.) - Check to see if SAT Test Scores are listed on your official high school transcript. If so, no need to submit separately.
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) – Submit pages 1 & 2 of the SAR Report which provides the EFC# (Expected Family Contribution) and Student’s Information – SAR and EFC# is generated from the completed FAFSA Application
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (Current)

Failure to submit the online application with all documents attached to the application by the deadline will disqualify an applicant from consideration for the Judy Gordon Memorial Scholarship. The John Randolph Foundation Scholarship Committee reserves the right to interview applicants in the final stages of selection.

The decision of the scholarship committee in all matters regarding scholarships is final. Canvassing a scholarship benefactor, any John Randolph Foundation trustee or employee shall result in immediate disqualification. Scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds, meeting the criteria as outlined in the guidelines of the individual scholarship program and contingent upon acceptance and enrollment in an approved program.

John Randolph Foundation respects the privacy of scholarship applicants. Any personal or financial information will be used for the purpose of assessing the scholarship application and will be made available solely to the Foundation's staff and scholarship selection committee. We make every effort to maintain your confidentiality.

John Randolph Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Organization

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