Dig Deep 12 Scholarship in Honor and Memory of Grayson Payne Austin



To promote continuing education by awarding scholarships for any course of study at institutions of higher learning to a student athlete who demonstrates academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, financial need and a commitment to the community through volunteer service. Priority will be given to a student who has been a member of the Prince George High School Baseball Team or Golf Team, or will continue in either sport at the college level. Institutions may include technical colleges, community colleges, and four-year colleges/universities.


The Dig Deep 12 Scholarship Fund in Honor and Memory of Grayson Payne Austin was established in January, 2013 by the Austin family, Container First Services (CFS) and friends to help ensure that Grayson’s legacies of family, love of life and sports will be shared for generations to come by assisting student athletes in Prince George County with their educational endeavors.

Our beloved son, Grayson, was a rising fifth grader at William A. Walton Elementary School in Prince George County when his life was cut short in a tragic boating accident on July 21, 2012. At a young age, Grayson established himself as a bright student. He was energetic, had a loving heart and really enjoyed all sports, but had a true passion for baseball and golf. Grayson was often told by his father and a volunteer youth baseball coach in the county to “Dig Deep 12, Dig Deep” on the baseball field and that Grayson did, as he proudly wore that #12 jersey.

Grayson participated in nearly all of the recreational athletics offered in Prince George County, as well as USSSA travel baseball and played golf on the Richmond Junior Golf Tour. Off the fields and courses he loved skiing, surfing and most of all fishing.

Behind this tragedy was a life that meant so much to so many. By establishing this scholarship, the Austin family, Container First Services (CFS) and friends wish to honor Grayson’s memory, share his love of baseball and golf by assisting other special young people like Grayson to reach their educational goals.


This $1,500 scholarship will be available to seniors or graduates of Prince George High School with priority given to a student who 1) is a member of the Prince George High School Baseball Team, 2) is a member of the Prince George High School Golf Team, 3) or will continue to play either sport at the college level. Students may continue to reapply for this scholarship as they continue through their educational experience. However, receipt of this scholarship does not guarantee future awards.

Scholarship Applicants Must

  1. Attending or express an interest in attending college as a full-time or part-time undergraduate student (at least 9 hours per semester);
  2. A member of the Prince George High School Baseball Team or Golf Team, 2). or will continue to play either sport at the college level.
  3. Submit a completed “John Randolph Foundation Scholarship Application” ONLINE which includes the ability to UPLOAD the required "Attachments" requested on the application;
  4. High School applicant must have a cumulative G.P.A of 3.0 or higher;
  5. Student currently attending a two or four year institution of higher education must be in good standing (a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher is considered to be in good standing);
  6. Exhibit good citizenship (as evidenced by letters of recommendation from three sources);
  7. Demonstrate financial need; and
  8. Demonstrate commitment to the community through volunteer service.

Criteria Scoring

  • (5 Points) Letters of Recommendation
  • (10 Points)Financial Need
  • (10 Points)Academics
  • (5 Points) Community Service
  • (10 Points)Statement & Essay
  • (10 Points)Play Baseball at PGHS
  • (10 Points)Play Golf at PGHS
  • (10 Points) Play College Baseball/Golf


The scholarship amount is $1,500 and will be paid directly to the school for current year tuition, fees, books purchased through the institution attended, and on-campus dormitory and meal plan expenses. The scholarship committee will review and evaluate all applications and announce awards each spring. The committee will also review and revise the scholarship policy and criteria as necessary.

Required Documents

All required documents must be uploaded with the application. Any mailed or hand-delivered documents will not be accepted.

  • Academic Transcript(s) (High School or College whichever applies.)
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) – Submit pages 1 & 2 of the SAR Report which provides the EFC# (Expected Family Contribution) and Student’s Information – SAR and EFC# is generated from the completed FAFSA Application
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (Current)

Failure to submit the online application with all documents attached to the application by the deadline will disqualify an applicant from consideration for the Dig Deep 12 Scholarship in Honor and Memory of Grayson Payne Austin. The John Randolph Foundation Scholarship Committee reserves the right to interview applicants in the final stages of selection.

The decision of the scholarship committee in all matters regarding scholarships is final. Canvassing a scholarship benefactor, any John Randolph Foundation trustee or employee shall result in immediate disqualification. Scholarship awards are subject to the availability of funds, meeting the criteria as outlined in the guidelines of the individual scholarship program and contingent upon acceptance and enrollment in an approved program.

John Randolph Foundation respects the privacy of scholarship applicants. Any personal or financial information will be used for the purpose of assessing the scholarship application and will be made available solely to the Foundation's staff and scholarship selection committee. We make every effort to maintain your confidentiality.

John Randolph Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Organization

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