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About the John Randolph Foundation

John Randolph Foundation partners with donors and organizations in the Tri-Cities area of Virginia to support healthy communities and bright futures.

Click the image above to watch the 2005 video celebrating JRF’s 10th Anniversary

Since 1995 JRF has invested over $17 million in the community through grants and endowments over $1.5 million in scholarships. As the Tri-Cities area’s only community foundation, we help donors create enduring investments and currently manage nine endowments, 60 scholarships, and three award programs.

John Randolph Foundation is one of Virginia’s 14 health legacy foundations and is the only public charity among them. JRF was initially established in 1991 as a supporting organization to the John Randolph Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital at the time. In 1995, the Medical Center was sold to Columbia/HCA, a for-profit corporation, and the Foundation became a separate, nonprofit organization. The proceeds from the sale were given to the Foundation to establish an endowment, the Mission Fund, which has grown steadily under our prudent investment policies. Today, this Mission Fund supports the Foundation’s grant program, carrying out our mission to improve the health and well-being of the Tri-Cities area.

JRF is a founding member of the Virginia Consortium of Health Philanthropy and is a member of Southeastern Council of Foundations and the Virginia Gift Planning Council.

A Timeline of Growth

  1. John Randolph Foundation is established as a supporting organization to John Randolph Hospital.

  2. John Randolph Hospital is sold to HCA & the Foundation becomes an independent nonprofit.

  3. JRF awards its 1st round of grants.

  4. The 1st scholarship is established to honor Frank Boyce’s service to John Randolph Hospital & the Foundation as the 1st CEO.

  5. Hopewell-Prince George Community Health Center sees first patients.

  6. The Foundation moves into 112 N Main, formerly home to Pioneer Federal Savings.

  7. The first endowment is established to support the Appomattox Regional Library System.

  8. Like many other foundations, JRF is impacted by the global economic downturn causing our grantmaking decisions to be more strategic.

  9. JRF hits $1 million mark in scholarships awarded.

  10. Ursula M. Gibbs leaves $4.6 million bequest to JRF, the most remarkable act of philanthropy we have ever witnessed.

  11. JRF adopts the Youth Development Master Plan for the City of Hopewell.

  12. The Trudy Bogese Endowment for Youth Development Awards its 1st Campership.

  13. JRF rebrands, creating a new tagline “Healthy communities. Bright futures.”

  14. JRF is chosen by John Tyler Community College Foundation to receive the Chancellor's Award for Leadership in Philanthropy from Virginia's Community Colleges.