The following entities are eligible to apply for a JRF grant:

  • A community-based public or private non-profit holding a 501(c)(3) tax exemption status and classified as a 509(a) non-private foundation.
  • A tax-exempt operating foundation under 501(c)(3) and 4940(d)(2).
  • A governmental instrumentality or political subdivision.
  • A mission-related organization utilizing a JRF-approved 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor.

Eligible organizations may receive only one grant per calendar year. Additionally, an organization may not receive grants during two consecutive funding cycles. However, the Foundation reserves the right to exercise discretion in the interest of advancing its mission.

Absolutely no grants will be awarded directly to individuals, and/or religious or political endeavors.

In addition to meeting the above eligibility requirements, the applicant must reflect a majority of the following eight characteristics that are essential to JRF’s strategy for determining the merits and priority of an application and/or a potential JRF grantee: 

    1. Aligns clearly with the Foundation’s priorities
    2. Addresses root causes and long-term solutions
    3. Is collaborative and/or complementary to existing programs and/or services
    4. Has the potential for a “ripple” effect throughout the region
    5. Has the potential to attract and/or leverage other resources
    6. Promotes capacity-building and support for viable, sustainable nonprofit organizations
    7. Can yield and share relevant outcomes that advance JRF’s mission
    8. Presents clear, compelling and credible evidence of need