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Donor Resource | Charitable Giving and Your Estate Plan

*A contributed post from a friend of the Foundation, estate planning attorney Kevin O’Donnell of Schooley Law Firm, PC Charitable giving is a great way to leave a lasting legacy on your local community. Donors often want to include charitable giving in their estate plans but are often unsure of the best way to achieve their… View Article

Donor Resource | Charitable Remainder Trusts Explained

*A contributed post from a friend of the Foundation, estate planning attorney, Richard L. Ferris of Carrell Blanton Ferris & Associates, PLC: Any gift you donate to a tax-exempt organization is not only a positive contribution to your community, but also a powerful tax planning tool under both the Income Tax and Estate Tax subtitles of… View Article

You Can Still Gain Tax Benefits from Charitable Donations

Like most people, you probably know several organizations worthy of your philanthropy, and you may well have contributed to them, perhaps on an annual basis. In the past, when you’ve made charitable donations, it’s been a win-win: You were able to provide support to a worthy organization and you received some valuable tax benefits. But with the passage of the new tax laws, things may have changed considerably for many people. Are there still tax benefits to making a charitable donation? Here’s some background…