Also known as “regular grants,” are administered twice annually, Spring and Fall. Each grant cycle is initiated by submitting an online LOI to the Foundation by the prescribed deadlines. After the LOI is reviewed, only those applicants that are invited may submit a full application. Applicants must identify with a JRF Applicant Profile (A-New Applicant, or B-Renewing Applicant) and follow the criteria outlined in the Application Guidelines for Responsive Grants.

Profile “A” Applicants:

  • First Time – This organization has never applied for a JRF grant.
  • Previously Declined – This organization has applied but has never received a grant.
  • Recurring with a Different Project Request – This organization has applied and has received a grant for the same project one or more consecutive years, and is currently reapplying in a consecutive year, but for a different project.
  • Post JRF-required or Self-imposed Moratorium – This organization has applied and has received a grant for one or more consecutive years; however, at some point during the period, either JRF required a moratorium prior to eligibility for reapplication or the grantee chose not to reapply for one or more consecutive years after the most recent grant. In either case, the moratorium is concluded, and the organization is now reapplying.

Profile “B” Applicants: Those who are reapplying for a consecutive year of funding for the same program or project. Applied and received a grant for one or more consecutive years of a specific project.

Applicants may request $1,500 or less to support programs, projects or services that promote, enhance or sustain the well-being of residents in the Foundation’s service area. These requests may be submitted to the Foundation at any time during the year. Applicants must follow the criteria outlined in the Application Guidelines for Community Contributions.

The following types of support are available to eligible non-profit organizations through JRF grants:

  • Program and Service Development and Sustainability
  • General Operations
  • Emergency, Disaster Prevention and Recovery
  • Special Equipment

The Foundation may issue challenge and matching grants at its discretion.

As a rule, the Foundation does not provide multi-year funding or funding for the following areas:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Routine Building Maintenance
  • Repairs and Renovations
  • For-Profit Endeavors
  • Historic Preservation
  • Fine Arts
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Civic, Cultural, Political or Religious Activities
  • Endowments (outside of those administered by the Foundation)
  • Bricks and Mortar

In any case, the Foundation reserves the right to exercise its discretion in the interest of advancing its mission.