John Randolph Foundation’s grant-making falls into two categories: competitive grants awarded in response to an application (see the Health Equity Model below); and grants awarded from endowment funds established by our generous donors.  Endowment grants may be for a variety of cause areas outside of the Health Equity Model, including but not limited to historic preservation, the arts, and animal welfare.  For more information on endowment grant-making, please contact Kiffy Werkheiser, Director of Community Engagement, at [email protected] or (804) 458-2239.

 “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

World Health Organization, 1948

The Health Equity Model*

John Randolph Foundation is committed to building healthy communities and bright futures in the Tri-Cities area of Virginia. To do this, we embrace the World Health Organization’s statement that health is not just the absence of disease – it’s a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. This is the basis of the Health Equity Model which recognizes the many factors influencing the health of individuals and communities.

Our competitive grant-making efforts are prioritized into three areas: health and health care, quality of life as it pertains to health, and education. To achieve the most meaningful return on our grant investments, we encourage eligible nonprofit organizations to develop sustainable projects that significantly impact the health and quality of life of our service area.

Health and Health Care

Our goal is for people in the Tri-Cities area to have access to the quality health care providers, medical treatment, and the knowledge they need to be well. We believe that good health and healthcare are critical to the future of our region. Therefore, we support activities and organizations that provide or promote access to medical, dental and behavioral health care, medication, treatment, health screening, quality of care improvements, and prevention and wellness education.

Quality of Life 

Our goal is to create a healthy, productive, safe, and vibrant community. We believe that quality of life as it pertains to health is an important factor in the health, well-being, and future of our region. Therefore, we support activities and organizations that address needs in human service areas that are pertinent to good health such as youth development, senior issues, domestic violence, patient and family support services, and disaster relief.


Our goals is to improve the educational standards and opportunities in the Tri-Cities area. We believe that investing in education today, particularly for our youth, will improve their health and quality of life. Therefore, we support programs, activities and organizations that promote and enhance pre-kindergarten, K-12 and special education initiatives, as well as adult education, medical literacy, and nonprofit organizational sustainability.

*The Health Equity Model is adapted with permission from the Colorado Department of Public Health.