JRF Welcomes New Trustee, Johnny Jones

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Johnny Jones is the newest addition to the Board of Trustees at John Randolph Foundation, beginning his term in January 2018. A 1972 VCU graduate, he’s been a banker in the area since ‘79 where he worked alongside fellow trustee, Brad Kaufman.

Johnny Jones, John Randolph Foundation’s newest trustee. Johnny begins his term in January 2018.

“Deep down I bleed Hopewell. I grew up here, and I was lucky enough to stay around,” says Johnny.

Johnny has a passion for his community. It’s evident when you look at his track record. He’s a Hopewell native, works at Virginia Commonwealth Bank, and lives in City Point where he and his wife are flipping their second historical home (built in 1859). He’s been part of the Hopewell Rotary Club and served on the Board of Directors for the Hopewell Food Pantry, the Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority, and the United Way of Hopewell-Prince George.

“Hopewell is one of those communities where it’s pretty easy to get involved. The generation before me is fading, and I want to pick up the torch a little bit. I don’t think we’ll ever fill their shoes, but you gotta step in and take part.”

As you might imagine, those experiences have strengthened Johnny’s commitment and desire to see the community flourish. He’s joining the Board in hopes of continuing that work. In particular, Johnny appreciates how the Foundation has bolstered the community through scholarships, a cause close to his heart from being part of the Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

“It’s really exciting to see some of these kids from the housing projects get scholarships to help them move forward. It doesn’t take long to realize this community has a lot of needs. When you have a school system where 90% of the kids get free meals, the scholarships make a difference.”

Johnny considers himself a team player and a connector. He hopes to lend his financial understanding and insight to the Board, where he served on their Investment Advisory Committee and Audit Committee for the past few years.

“I hope I can help [the Foundation] with anything they are trying to accomplish. I like team sports, so to me, having a group of people in a community that has a focus [to help the residents], makes it easy to get on board.”

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